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Sustainable printing reduces the impact and cost of printing

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‘Green’ options are usually expensive options. Printing is different. Sustainable printing reduces costs as effectively as it reduces environmental impact.


Sustainable printing consumes fewer resources

By capitalising on technologies such as Kyocera’s cartridge-free printing we minimise the resources you use each time you print a page. This reduction is enhanced by implementing PaperCut print policies that automatically apply cost and resource-saving techniques such as:

  • Double-sided printing,
  • Print-on-demand (so unnecessary documents are never printed and then left uncollected)
  • Print routing (so long documents are always printed on economical printers)


Printing sustainably by printing less

Copy IT’s Managed Document Service optimises sustainability, economy and operational efficiency by replacing manual processes that involve printing pages with automated process that digitally process information.

For example, a manual authorisation process for purchase invoices might see an incoming invoice being copied to several signatories for authorisation. MDS would accelerate the process by allowing the signatories to view and authorise the invoice electronically. It is a more sustainable, economical and efficient process.

Copy IT improves the sustainability of your printing operations in several ways:

  1. Equipment: a sustainability strategy is based on sustainable technology. Copy IT’s suppliers are dedicated to reducing energy and resource consumption.

  2. Management: using PaperCut to deliver effective print management reduces your print volumes without damaging office efficiency; printing less reduces environmental impact.

  3. Configuration: Copy IT’s expert technicians will configure your equipment to reduce power consumption at quiet times of the day (and night).

  4. Usage: by monitoring usage, Copy IT can identify and rectify working practices that damage your environmental performance.

  5. As well as PaperCut, Copy IT support print management using Equitrac, SafeCom and Ricoh’s Flex Secure Print S

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