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A print audit identifies costs that can be reduced

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Copy IT’s print audit service is the first step in your strategy to reduce print costs. Only when costs have been identified can they be addressed. 

A print audit does not affect your network or your day-to-day printing and copying activities. Over a short period of time – normally one month – we collect data about how, where and when documents are printed.

A print audit is your first step to reducing print costs or implementing a Managed Print Service although it does not commit you to either strategy.


Our print audit service

Our free-of-charge, free-of-obligation print audit process has three phases:

  1. Identify costs: our unobtrusive print audit identifies the devices that handle your printing tasks and assesses the relative costs of each device. We recommend how each device could be used based on its capabilities and running costs.

  2. Retire equipment: devices with high running costs are retired and, if necessary, replaced by more economical and efficient systems.

  3. Refine operations: updated document processes take full advantage of the new equipment and facilities to reduce costs and improve productivity. Staff are helped to take full advantage of features (such as double-sided printing and booklet-making) that reduce costs and increase productivity.

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