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Automatic document security keeps confidential documents private

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Using a document security system or process is no longer an option for businesses and public sector organisations. Data protection legislation requires us to show that we take adequate precautions to protect personal data.


The desire for document security

Even without a regulatory requirement, it is easy to understand that organisations would want measures in place to restrict access to confidential documents such as personnel records, contracts, results and strategies.

Copy IT’s PaperCut print management solution incorporates a secure, reliable and simple way to provide document security.

Instead of documents appearing in an output tray as they are printed from a computer, they are stored in a queue until the document owner arrives at a printer or multifunctional, identifies themselves, and ‘pulls’ the document to them at that device.

The document is delivered straight into their hands, removing the possibility that it could be collected or read by unauthorised staff.

This process – called ‘pull printing’ – is secure in another way. If a particular printer is busy or constantly overlooked by other staff, a confidential document can be ‘pulled’ to a different printer in a more private location.

Print management goes beyond document security

Copy IT’s print management solution delivers equally impressive benefits in the fields of economy and sustainability.

As well as PaperCut, Copy IT support print management using Equitrac, SafeCom and Ricoh’s Flex Secure Print Suite.

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