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Document management turns documents into useable information

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Information is the lifeblood of any organisation. Customer service and administrative efficiency depend on being able to retrieve and process information quickly and accurately. Copy IT’s document management solutions improve efficiency and cut administration time.


Document management accelerates processes

Whether you are searching for staff questionnaires or customer correspondence, Copy IT puts the information at your fingertips with a Filestar, our premier document management solution.

Instead of phoning customers back with information, Copy IT’s document management can present it to them when they call. Your service to customers, suppliers and business partners improves.

By indexing documents as they are stored, you can retrieve them using practically any piece of information in them. You do not have to walk to a filing cabinet. You do not have to request a document from an archive. You do not have to remember a document, case or project reference.


Document management adds flexibility

Copy IT’s Filestar document management solution lets staff retrieve information from their desk, a customer site or a remote office. They do not need access to a physical document to use the information it contains.


Document management reduces costs

Fast processes are economical processes. By simplifying and accelerating staff access to information, Copy IT’s document management solution increases productivity and reduces costs.

Document management also releases huge amounts of office space and reduces off-site storage costs by converting paper documents to digital files.


Document management simplifies security and compliance

Copy IT’s solution protects the confidentiality of the information stored using Filestar’s multi-layered access protocols. Information can only be seen by staff authorised to see it, protecting the privacy of your clients, customers and associates and demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements.


Document management adds resilience

Once scanned and stored, documents can be backed-up with other computer-based information unlike paper documents for which there is usually no practical and economical backup option.


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